Opportunity at home (Evdeki Firsat) that serves as the management pillar and backbone of the real estate fund scheme by EYG Group which will be a first in the Turkish Market has been developed by Ömer Faruk Çelik who has carved a prominent and unique place for himself in the industry with his professional senior management expertise that he has gained over long years of working with the Sinpaş Holding as a senior executive. Opportunity At Home (“Evdeki Firsat”) which is developed as an innovative business model for the real estate industry has been designed to offer new opportunities to both the residential sector and customers who are seeking a new house and apartment flat that match their individual preferences and enable all of customers to experience new functionalities and services.

Evdekifirsat.com (Opportunities at Home.com) portal is administered by Kent’Sell which operates under the roof of EYG Group and is specifically designed to offer you all the alternative sales options that have been put together within the real estate portfolio developed by the real estate fund. Evdekifirsat.com enables you to view a variety of branded residence projects together and to make a comparison between the projects developed at the same location as to their price, design and quality criteria as well as many different details. You can view the photographs of different residential projects and take a 360 degree virtual tour of a selection of houses, apartments and suites and secure a booking for the house or apartment you choose to purchase. You can also get in touch with our sales representatives to obtain detailed information about special payment plans, options and other advantages offered to our customers to make it possible for you to buy a house or apartment on credit terms with no need for a mortgage loan or other bank loan.

All available opportunities at evdekifirsat.com are just one click away.