Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to visit and see the residential units on site?

Certainly, without doubt it is possible to visit and see all residential units included in the Evdekifirsat portfolio on site. For more information about the residential projects that you are interested in by visiting the website, you may contact the Kent’Sell sales representative and you can visit and see the residential units on site and if you wish you can reserve the apartment(s) for you and your family paying a deposit or making a down payment in order not to miss the opportunity.

Can I buy a house online over a website? 

The portal has been established to allow you to make a secure online purchase and to deliver personalized services through every channel that is available to you. This service which is specifically designed and offered to prospective investors has been designed and offered based on the vast experience that has been accumulated in the field for over 25 years and with the warranty, support and endorsement of the EYG Group. 

Are the apartments and flats included in your portfolio brand-new or second hand apartments and flats for sale? 

The portfolio of the only offers purchasing options for brand new apartments and flats that have been constructed within the scope of branded residential development projects with special payment schemes, options and other advantages. In our portfolio, we do not offer second-hand apartments and flats for sale.

What financial institutions do you work with? keeps strong relationships with almost all banks in respect of mortgage loans, and in addition to special mortgage loan possibilities, special payment schemes, options and other advantages offered to prospective buyers to make it possible for them to buy a house or apartment on credit terms with no need for a mortgage loan or other bank loan. For more detailed information you may contact the Kent’Sell sales representatives or otherwise please provide us with contact information to allow us to reach you.