Human Resources

Kent’Sell believes the professional development and training of its employees are central to the organization’s mission, vision and values and therefore has placed it as one of the top priorities of the company. Kent’Sell, as part of its high standards, always puts a special emphasis on making investment on its employees at all levels.

Kent’Sell takes on social responsibility to its employees, society and environment while being committed to provide a respectful work environment for its employees based on mutual trust, respect and business ethics where personal performance is evaluated and rewarded based on skills and experience with high potential for personal development through promotion of equal opportunities between employees.

The recruitment process which is designed to achieve the best match between the individual’s knowledge, skills and experience and the specific requirements of the vacant posts in the company starts with the receipt of initial applications, and the subsequent step involves the determination of qualification match and evaluation of fitness to the position applied. Candidates are interviewed by line managers to whom the successful candidate(s) will report directly. The recruitment process ends with a job offer proposed by the Department of Human Resources to the candidate(s) who is/are found to be eligible for the post(s) to be filled.

To apply, please send your resume to